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Other SPA Services


Reflexology is an ancient holistic massage of the feet. The feet are like maps of the entire body and when the reflex points on the feet are pressed they stimulate various internal organs. These specific pressure points increase circulation and can help relieve pain. A firm massage of the calves and feet following the reflexology treatment leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

45 min: $70

Cocoa Mocha or Vanilla Nutmeg Sugar Body Scrub:

Indulge in an amazing freshly made sugar scrub with local raw ingredients that leaves your skin feeling silky smooth. Sugar is a natural alpha hydroxyl that gently polishes and hydrates the skin. Coconut oil produced from local farms helps hydrate your skin. Costa Rican Coffee is paired up with locally grown Cocoa for our Cocoa Mocha Sugar Scrub…yummy! Or you may decide to choose our┬áVanilla Nutmeg Sugar Scrub…heavenly! Your skin will be silky soft and you will smell delicious. A 30-minute application of coconut oil will be worked into your skin after the exfoliation leaving your skin silky smooth!

90 min: $125


Our luxurious Manicure includes nail shaping and cuticle repair, followed by a soothing hand massage. A choice from an array of nail polish concludes the treatment.

30 min: $30


Our deluxe Pedicure includes all the detailed nail work and exfoliation, plus a soothing foot and calf massage. A choice from an array of nail polish concludes the treatment.

50 min: $50

Manicure and Pedicure:

This shorter version of a manipedi combination is a real treat for your hands and feet.

60 min: $75

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